Building Your First Website with Blocksy

Build Website With Blocksy: For Beginners
Based upon the YouTube video by “Websites 4 Beginners”
  1. Purchase a Domaine & Hosting
  2. Set Up WordPress
  3. Download Blocksy Theme. Activate the Theme.
  4. Download Blocksy Companion Plugin. Activate the Plugin.
  5. Open up a seperate website tab to the website. (To bring in pictures for our website)
  6. From the WP dashboard delete all pages and posts.
  7. Now go to Posts and hit New to create a brand new Post.
  8. Give your Post a Title (using H1) then a Sub Title (using H2). Hit Save, and then Preview on Right side of screen.
  9. Now on the right hit the Post Tab and then the Featured Image Tab. Now click on the Set featured image. You will be taken to the Media Library which is where your images are to be stored for your website.
  10. Now open up the folder on your computer where you have the image that you are going to use for your featured image and then drag that image into your Media Library. If you don’t have an image then download an appropriate image from the website and then upload it and set it as the featured image. Make sure that you give the image title info and also info that lets others know where you got the image from.
  11. Now open up an additional website tab so that you can get generic filler text for your post. On the website click the button to generate more text filler paragraphs. Then open up a paragraph block and copy a couple of those paragraphs and paste them into your post, even as I am about to do to this post.

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  • Now you are going to hit Save Draft again, and then Preview again, and you should see everything up through the dummy text that you just pasted and saved. The Post is really starting to look like a real Post and the next thing you will do is head to the back end of WordPress once again where you have been adding to the post, and then add a picture to the post next. Click on the + symbol and then chose image for the type of block that you are about to add. Then download a good image from the website and then drag the download into your Media Library. Once you do that then chose that picture to go into the Image Block that you are creating. Be sure to give it a Title, and Captions, and also make sure that you label where the picture came from.
Website Creation With Blocksy
Photo by from Pexels
  • Now that you have added this Image to your post, there are some editing tricks that you can do if you want to change the Image or move it around. You can adjust the size of the image by clicking the image once and then moving your mouse arrow to the outer edges of the image. Then you will see a symbol that has two line and two arrows that will allow you to make the image larger or smaller by holding down the left clicker on your mouse until the image is the size that you want. You can also move the Image Block above blocks that are above it or below blocks that will be below it if you click the image once and then look for the symbol that is pointing up and for the symbol that is pointing down. There will also be a symbol there which can be used for dragging the Image Block up or down.
  • Now let’s add another image just like we did previously. Click the + symbol and then choose Image Block. Now find a good picture from and download it. Now drag that picture into the Media Library. Now choose that picture to go into the Image Block that you just created.
Create Website with Blocksy
Create Website with Blocksy

Building Websites As A Group

Group Creating Website
Group Creating Website

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